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As a design writer and editor, Henrietta Thompson had been hearing designers, makers and artists talk of the same frustrations for years. An entire industry, it seemed, was conflicted: wanting to create stuff, but for a world that often didn’t really need it. Good design was too often either inaccessible or unsustainable.

Meanwhile, with her husband Ed Padmore, it was clear that a new, better solution was needed both at home and at work. They constantly had things in storage they didn’t want to sell. They fell in love with new things they had no room for. And after moving house and office four times in two years, they had experienced logistics at its best and worst.

Shouldn’t it be possible to bring a circular economy to the world of interior design? Thanks to improvements in technology, logistics and insurance and the slowly changing attitudes to ownership and experience, yes it should.

HARTH was born.

Henrietta Thompson

With more than fifteen years’ experience working at the heart of the design industry as a journalist and editor, curator and author, Henrietta is Editor-at-Large for Wallpaper* and consults for brands globally.

Edward Padmore

Ed is an entrepreneur with a background in corporate IT and experience in service delivery, infrastructure projects, executive services, messaging and conference services. He is also founder of the photo scanning company Vintage Photo Lab.

Henrietta and Ed are also co-founders of creative agency Naked On The Piano.

HARTH Heroes

Christian Salez / Constance Farthing / Harry Dewhirst / Georgia Fendley / Amanda Kasper / Daniela Starovic / Roddy Clarke / Tamara Roukerts / Lee Schunemon / Ben Terrett / Benjamin Kempton / Anders Gramer / Ama Dhami