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Your peace of mind is important to us, whichever side of the lending fence you are on. Which is why mandatory insurance is included with every item HARTHed.

We believe in provenance and heritage, and that the life things lead can make them more special in the long run. Their stories can be told through HARTH.

HARTH supports a fair-use Repair, Replace or Reimburse pledge.

In the unfortunate case of damage, our first response will always be to try to fix it, and we have partnered with the best restorers in the land to make this a truly viable option.

Should that not be satisfactory, the item will be replaced. If that is not possible, our insurance will look to reimburse the lender for the full cost of the item.

“Free of both long lead times and long term commitments, with HARTH you can have it all. Just look after it well, and give it back when you’re finished with it.”

Interview with Henrietta Thompson

JWT Intelligence